Official: Kenya Listed Among the unhappy Nations in Africa.

Kenya has been named one of the unhappy nations in Africa.
For the fifth year in a row, Finland was named the happiest country in the world
This is the International Happiness Report of the United Nations organization launched in 2012
It is now official that Kenya is one of the most unhappy nations in the Africa.

The United Nations has listed Kenya as the 27th nation on the list of unhappy nations.
In the report comprising 146 countries, Kenya was ranked 119th, with the UN saying that Kenyans interviewed cited government corruption as the main reason for their unhappiness.

In last year’s survey of 149 nations, Kenya was ranked 28th in the countries whose citizens are unhappy.
Kenya (119) is ranked 23rd in Africa behind Uganda which leads East Africa in terms of unhappiness for its citizens, ranking 117th out of 146 nations. Neighboring Tanzania ranked 139th while Ethiopia ranked 131st.

Rwanda is the happiest nation in the East African region according to the study.

Rwanda is the fourth most populous nation on the list, with Zimbabwe, Lebanon and Afghanistan.
Mauritius is the happiest nation in Africa ranking 52nd in the world, followed by Libya, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Gambia.

The World Happiness Report was launched in 2012 and assesses people’s happiness, their economic and social potential.

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