Is Samidoh missing Karen Nyamu? Eyebrows raised as a video of Samidoh singing “Njeri’s” name emerged.

A few weeks after rumors spread that the musician and police Samidoh had finally parted ways with his estranged politician Karen Nyamu, there were also reports that the Mugithi star had split from his wife Edday, with both women said to be pregnant.

Mugithi singer samidoh uploaded a video of Salim Junior’s dance video featuring Njeri returning home, with Kenyans speculating he may want to reunite with Karen Nyamu whose middle name is Njeri.

Samidoh in recent days has been seen very emotional showing all the symptoms he has missed a lot of love.

Recently the artist posted a video on his TikTok page singing the dance of fellow Mugithi artist, Salim Junior, where the message and content of the dance is to ask Njeri to return home.

It should also be noted that Njeri is Karen Nyamu’s second name and is also the name she gave to her daughter. Many who saw the video of Samidoh singing behind Salim Junior’s voice urging Njeri to return home felt that Samidoh was trying to send a message of reconciliation with Njeri, who is Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh teased Nyamu through each of them making a video with secret content targeting the other while Samidoh made a video to send a message that he would not be responsible for child-rearing and Nyamu responded by making a video with a message not to force a man to accept parental responsibilities

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