Music star Diamond Platnumz hints of collaborating with heavily endowed Badgal Riri.

Diamond platnumz and Badgal Riri Photo Courtesy

Diamond Platnumz has announced that he intends to do an international collabo with RnB star Rihanna.

He hinted that he had already held talks with the RnB queen and her team and could be present on his current or upcoming album.
Diamond also revealed that he still loves Zari very much and there is no animosity between them.

The king of Bongo Fleva, revealed this while in the UK announcing his new EP (First Of All), saying his collaboration with Rihanna will be very intense.

“Ningependa kufanya kazi na Rihanna, nahisi itakuwa ngoma kali sana, kama sio kwenye album hii basi album yangu inayofuata, tumeshaongea na Rihanna na timu yake na kila kitu kipo sawa, kwa mambo yanayoendelea kwa Rihanna sasa, inaweza ikafanya akawepo kwenye album hii au ijayo,” Said Diamond

He also hinted that he had already held talks with the RnB queen and her team and everything was fine.

The star who was interviewed by the BBC also talked about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Zari Hassan.

Diamond revealed that he had nothing but love and respect for the socialite.

The Waah Hitmaker said he was in love with Zari but could not commit to the relationship because he knew it would only break up.

Diamond noted he was open with the mother of five and at one point, told her of his weakness of having multiple partners.

He added that despite their separation, he has no regrets about dating the Ugandan Socialist, based in South Africa, and proud of their two children.

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