Customer who bought Iphone Without Charger to be Paid $1081 Compensation by Apple.

Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro of Brazil has ordered Apple to pay a customer $ 1,081 [KSh 125,409. 73] after their customer complained that he had bought an iPhone and there was no Charger ‘Adapter’ for Charging the phone in the Box.

According to the Daily Mail, the judge has ordered Apple to pay the customer as a loss and compensation after the phone was sold and to do extra work to find the phone’s charger. Apple have been given 10 days to comply with a court order or the penalty will increase to more than $ 2000 USD.

Apple is estimated to have sold 190 million iPhones worldwide since the disappearance of the adapter, a major move welcomed by environmentalists but Judge Caires has stated: “It is not fair that such a move is aimed at reducing environmental damage when evidence shows that Apple continuesmanufacture the device and sell it on its own.

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