A 70-year-old virgin from Uganda claims shortness is the source of missing a husband.

A 70-year-old Ugandan woman named Verena, who has been romantically rejected for the rest of her life, has come out in public and said she has not given up hope and hopes to meet her husband.

Verena, who has remained a virgin for 70 years, claims that her short stature is the reason she misses a man stating that she does not have the courage to approach or talk to men.

Speaking to AfriMax network, Verena, who is a virgin, described herself as a person who is always in love and has never been lucky enough to meet the man she loves.

“I am still a virgin. I have never been married, I have never slept with a man and I do not know how it is, I still hope to find a partner and I live a miserable life because I am always sick. I miss the medical bills… ”She said.

verena has said she hopes one day she will meet a man she will love and marry, adding that she has always wanted to get married after the age of 20, but she fears she may die before meeting her boyfriend

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