Wema Sepetu Mentions Several Qualities of the Man She Loves … If You Are Short or with Smell Armpit Forget her.

In love everyone has a criterion for finding the one they love. EX Bongo Movie star Wema Sepetu has mentioned the qualities of the man she loves and said that she wants her husband to be taller than her and not have smelly armpit.

Wema made the remarks while speaking to the host and host of various activities @drkumbuka_majaliwa on their way to Zanzibar for the Royal Tour Launch which will take place today, May 7.Dr. Kumbuka asked Wema if she was given the opportunity to choose the man she loves she would choose which type of man.

Wema noted her husband should first look good, he should be taller than her because she’s very tall and she does not want to be with a short man.

He should have a sincere love, he knows how to care and he should not smell armpit (adding she does not like bad smells)

“Mwanaume wangu kwanza awe ana muonekano, mchamungu, awe mrefu kuliko mimi kwasababu mimi mrefu sana sipendi nikiwa na mwanaume nianze kuangaika kujifupisha”

“Awe na mapenzi ya dhati, anajua kujali na awe hanuki kikwapa sipendi harufu mbaya”

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