Bahati’s Baby Mama, Yvette Obura introduces new boyfriend.

Bahati’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Yvette Obura, has revealed that she is once again immersed in the abyss of love after a long absence.

This is due to a video she uploaded on Instagram which shows the holiday events she went on the weekend with a man who referred to her as “Bestfriend.”The video shows the mother of one daughter on holiday in a luxury hotel with the man’s identity hidden.

In the video, Yvette is seen holding the man’s left hand and letting him use his right hand to drive.Later the two arrived at the hotel and head for a room decorated with red flowers everywhere.

“Took a break from the normal this weekend and went for a staycation with my bestfriend.😊😊😊Thanks to @urbannvacations for organizing such an amazing stay.We loved everything ❤Staycation are very affordable,,you can go with your friends,kids,partner etc..Talk to @urbannvacations and you’ll get amazing deals.☺*Copyright disclaimer on the background song.” She wrote on the video shared on Instagram.

The flowers were also used to carve the inscription “I love you so much” on a big bed in the room, this comes about a year after the queen split from her fiancée Trevor Nzomo.

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