Kenya’s president Uhuru and his Deputy Ruto finally shake hands during Prayers Day

The pictures of these two has warmed Kenyans’ hearts

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Hon William Ruto have warmed Kenyans hearts by putting aside all the political differences for the benefit of the country ahead of August general election.

During 19th National Annual Prayers Breakfast meeting which was held at Safari Park Hotel, the two were spotted having an handshake more than once signifying the restoration of unity in the country.

It had reached a point where the two were not shaking hands because of political difference but today they clear that they have decided to unite the country for the purpose of peace in the coming general election.

After this meeting, Nyeri Town member of Parliament Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu also quoted a Bible saying that all kenyans should now unite and reason together.

Former prime minister Raila Odinga was represented by his running mate Hon Martha Karua as he was not present.

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