“I Caught My Wife With A Man In A Hotel Room. She Told Me She Was Out Working.” Paul Narrates.

A man referred to as Paul Njenga painfully narrates how he caught his wife red handed in a hotel room after she informed him that she was out working.

According to Paul, he met his wife as after he left his parents house to come to Nairobi in search of greener pastures. When he saw her, he knew that she was perfect for him and they started dating. A few months later they moved in together.

He said that the marriage started out well and in the first year his wife became pregnant. Nine months later they were blessed with a baby boy followed by another a few years later. Paul’s father became ill after the birth of their child and he had to relocate back home with his family.

He said that he started doing odd jobs and his wife found work in a company where she sold foodstuffs. As time went by, life started improving because his wife would get incentives when she went out, which they used to buy food and other needs.

According to Paul, his wife changed completely she started coming home late and he became worried. At times she would deny him conjugal rights and he doubted that their marriage was falling apart. One day, she told him that she was travelling for work but she never came back home.

He said that she switched off her phone and failed to inform him of her whereabouts. He reached out to people who knew her and he was informed that she had been seen at an entertainment joint that night. The following morning he headed to the alleged joint where he was informed that his wife was in a hotel room in the company of a man.

He said that soon after he heard that he saw his wife coming out of the alleged room with the man. On seeing this, she took to her heals and ran away leaving her husband and her lover in the hotel. When Paul looked at the physique of his wife’s lover he opted not to fight him since he was much stronger than him.

He added that he went back home and vowed not to live with his wife ever again, and chased her away. He is now a single father of two beautiful children.

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