Hii Ni Nini Jameni? See What Kenyans Today Saw Along Moi Avenue That Has Caused Confusions Online

Traffic jam in Nairobi is majorly caused in Nairobi by overlapping, vehicle breakdown, accidents and during rush hours. However, today along the busy Moi Avenue,right in the CBD, Kenyans witnessed what many considered to have been strange

Kenyans were today treated to unfamiliar procession along the busy Moi Avenue in the capital Nairobi.

According to information shared by a reliable source of information via ma3route, the procession passing through the heart of the city was a huge chariot that attracted the attention of Kenyans while also causing some slight traffic build up.

The procession is reported to have been a religious activity of the Indian community. Kenyans who did not understand the situation even wondered if there was a holiday.

This procession is called Rath Yatra or the the festival of the chariots is celebrated every year by the Hindu Krishna Community.

See some reactions from Kenyans regarding this issue

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