NTSA Looking For a Driver Captured Performing Risky Stunts While Driving as They Condemn The Act

National Transport and Safety Authority’s attention has been captured by a short clip of a man doing a very dangerous stunts while driving a vehicle. In a video that has now gone viral, unidentified man could be seen coming out of a moving vehicle through the window leaving the vehicle to move freely.

He tries to access the front part of the vehicle while at the same time controlling it with his leg. The stunt which poses risk to himself and other road users has been condemned by the NTSA.

“This is reckless and dangerous. We condemn the stunt and any other that may endanger the lives of other road users. We have recorded 1,912 as at 30th May 2022 with majority of the crashes being attributed to human related fatal behavior such as this. We urge members of the public who may have any information about the driver or the vehicle to kindly conduct the authority. Share widely until the driver is found.” NTSA wrote.

The driver is currently on the run and anyone with important information about his whereabouts has been asked to alert National Transport and Safety Authority.

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