Cute Photos of Kenyans Enjoying WRC in Naivasha at Soysambu Spectator Stage

The World Rally Championships is once again with us in Kenya after going missing for a year where thousands of Kenyans have thronged Naivasha to have a look at the spectacular action.

Picture courtesy. Image from Naivasha.

There have been incidents where some Kenyans drinks have been spiked and one man is said to have lost upto 500,000 Kenya shillings in the process to the mchele gang with police urging revellers to be extra cautious.

Thousands of Kenyans were this past weekend in Naivasha for the annual event that had promised to be even bigger and better than last year as per the reports that we have.

Photos show Kenyans enjoying themselves at the Soysambu Spectator Stage where hundreds had assembled to watch the cars cruise by at break neck speeds.

The event, has been nothing short of phenomenal so far and the action continues all throughout the weekend as per the reports that we have with us.

The Soysambu Spectator Stage is where thousands congregate to have a close look at the Safari Rally cars going past them.

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