Drama Bodaboda Rider Strip Half-naked His Passenger Before Robbing Him Of Items Worth Sh22,000

Police are holding in custody a bodaboda operator who is accused of violently robbing and stripping his passenger at night.

According to a report by local publication, Maulid Hamisi Rajab violently robbed the victim of his valuables in Kamukunji area, Nairobi.

Rajab and his accomplices allegedly stole the complainant’s mobile phone, pair of shoes, shirt, jacket, ID card and ATM card, all valued at Sh22,000.

At the time of robbery, they allegedly threatened to stab him using a kitchen knife. They also damaged the victim’s pair of trousers using the alleged knife.

Picture Courtesy: The suspect, Rajab.

It is stated that the victim woke up at around 4am and boarded a matatu that dropped him around Majengo mosque, then he hopped into a bodaboda belonging to Rajab.

Before they left, Rajab called a stranger who also boarded the boda boda, sandwiching him.

On the way, it is said that the rider changed direction and stopped at Kamukunji Grounds where they ordered the victim not to raise the alarm as they robbed him.

It is said that after they were done, they left the complainant half-naked and zoomed off. The victim reported the matter to nearby police station, having marked the motorbike’s registration number.

Hours later, police managed to arrest the suspect and arraigned in court where denied the charges.

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