Frankie Still Enjoys Baby Daddy privileges from Corazon Kwamboka And Maureen Waititu.

Baby daddy privileges.

Frankie Just Gym It, is a single man in Nairobi who is not so single. You can say he is singleish or even single kidogo tu.

The celebrity gym coach is famous for having two celebrity baby mamas, each with two of his babies. He was once married to lawyer and YouTuber Maureen Waititu whom he left for socialite Corazon Kwamboka. Whom he also broke up with earlier this year after a three year relationship.

But Frankie has hinted that he still gets to enjoy some action under the sheets with his baby mamas. Well, as he puts it, it’s his baby mamas Maureen Waititu and Corazon who get to enjoy him; thanks to the baby daddy loophole.

Frankie posted a hilarious video skit on his Instagram showing how he gets tricked into baby mama sex. The video captioned; “Baby mama: Come pick up the kids”, shows a confused Frankie sitting of a couch accompanied with the unmistakable sounds of a person bouncing up and down on him off camera. Frankie asks on the post: “Where are the kids,” and he adds confused emojis.

He does not specify which one of Maureen or Corazon sets him up for some post break up sex, so we’ll assume he gets it from both sides. Lucky man.

Kate Actress was one of the commentors amused by the video. She commented, “Outta control 😂😂😂”.

Frankie, Corazon June Reunion
Perhaps Frankie is having flashbacks of when he recently hooked up with Corazon to celebrate their little daughter’s 6 month birthday. Both of them shared adorable posts of their cute little baby girl as she turned six months old.

“My baby is 6 months today! How time flies,” announced Corazon on her Instagram. And Frankie shared a short footage of the beautiul baby girl and he can be heard in the background. “Pretty Girl! 6 months already,” he writes.

Valentine’s breakup
Last February, ex socialite, Corazon had confirmed that she has broken up with her then fiance, Frankie Just Gym It. This came only two months after the birth of their daughter.

Corazon made the announcement via her Instagram account, posting a picture of a black rose to symbolize crisis in her love life. She proceeded to accompany the image with a caption noting that she was now single.

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