What Kenyans Were Doing After A Rally Vehicle Rolled During The Race

The 2022 safari rally edition was officially opened by the president of the republic of Kenya himself on Thursday. The three-day even was set to be at its best today and many safari rally enthusiasts turned up to cheer for their favorite drivers.

As it is in many races, an accident is prone to take place during the race. Today’s safari rally race was no different. One of the driver’s and his colleague got an accident but as if that’s not enough, the reactions from those who were around are what has elicited a debate among social media users.

The driver who has been identified as Gus Greensmith and his colleague Jonas were involved in an accident during the race and their vehicle rolled over severally.

(Gus Greensmith and his colleague Jonas struggling to exit their car after it rolled over several times)

However, while all this was happening and as the two were trapped in their vehicle for more than three minutes, the safety Marshalls on the other hand were busy recording the incident instead of assisting the two to get out of the vehicle.

This has been greatly condemned by netizens not only in Kenya but also abroad since the rally brought together rally drivers from all over the world.

The driver didn’t also hesitate to show his frustrations as he took to his Twitter account and made this comment, ” To clarify this video we had been trapped inside the car for over 3 minutes whilst safety marshals filmed & did not assist either myself & Jonas in exiting the car.”

Below are some of the comments from netizens on Twitter:

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