24 Year Old Nairobi Lady Goes Missing After Leaving Her Phones at Home

Incidents of missing persons have been on the rise in the country with the government doings its best through the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to trace the victims and bring them back safe to their families.

Young woman and girls have especially suffered the brunt of these unexplained disappearances in the country as per the reports that we have gathered over the past few months.

This morning, according to reliable reports from social media, a young lady who is only 24 years old, is said to be missing from her home with her whereabouts still unknown at this moment.

The lady, whose name is Joan Chelagat Terer is said to have last been seen near NextGen Mall in Nairobi County before she went missing.

Her family has pleaded with anyone who has information on her whereabouts to contact them or the nearest police station.

She was last seen at around 9.15 PM on Friday the 24th of June wearing the same floral dress as shown in the above image.

Joan Chelagat left her phones at home when she went out and this has made it even difficult to trace her whereabouts.

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