False Promises To Conjestina Achieng That Has Made Her Be A Beggar In The Streets Of Siaya

Veteran former world boxing champion Conjestina Achieng is now a beggar in the busy streets of Siaya county.

Conjestina who has been ailing from a mental health sickness has been in and out of hospital through various government agencies and personalities but it seems her situation is yet to be mitigated.

This comes just a few months after Conjestina Achieng’s son exposed how a number of influential organizations and individuals disappeared into thin air after making false promises to the mother. 

False Promises To Conjestina Achieng That Has Made Her Be A Beggar In The Streets Of Siaya
Congestina Achieng

While speaking to a local radio station sometime in March, Chattone Otieno opened up on how the mother was left to battle it alone despite receiving empty offers from some people.

According to the son, the many promises that could have changed the mum’s life have remained unfulfilled to date.

Specifically, he cited one sports organization in the country which promised to not only construct Congestina Achieng a house but also build for her a gym facility. These promises however just ended up with words of mouth.

“They took my mum from home and took her to hospital. After about three months they promised to give Conjestina a new house, a gym facility, and take care of all her needs. This was in 2021. We had all the hope. After she was discharged we tried to contact them but they were not to be seen.” Said the son.

On their side, Kenyans were touched by the story of Congestina Achieng begging in the streets of Siaya. They had the following to say:

“Dear God whatever happened to our former Boxing champion Conjestina Achieng please intervene. She raised our #Kenya flag high, please waziri Amina J Mohammed rescue this lady from the street life. 😭”

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