List Of Nine Kenyans Who Fund Terror Attacks

A straightforward definition of terrorism would be the employment of premeditated violence to accomplish a goal or the targeting and killing of innocent people without justification. The terrorist organization known as Al Shabaab has posed a significant danger to the people of Kenya. The government has ensured that all of the precautions that are required to prevent attacks on its population have been taken.

Dr. Fred Matiangi, the Cabinet Secretary for the Interior of Kenya, recently shocked many people when he made public the names of nine Kenyan individuals who have been related to financing terrorism and have been providing financial assistance to the Al Shabaab military activities. Dr. Fred Matiangi issued an order to halt all of their financial and property transactions. The nine Kenyans include, Mire Abdullahi Elmi, Waleed Ahmed Zein, Nuseiba Mohammed Haji, Abdimajit Adam Hassan, Mohammed Ali Abdi, Sheikh Guyo Boru, Abu Fida, Halima Adam Ali and Muktar Ibrahim Ali.

Fred Matiangi gave the assurance to the people of Kenya that there is no limit to the reach of terrorism and that the government will not permit terrorists to continue endangering our way of life. Do you believe that the government has done everything that needs to be done to ensure our safety?

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