Beautyprenuer Huddah Monroe has called out influencer Murugi Munyi for negatively reviewing her skincare line. In the review, Murugi said Huddah products did not show ingredients used to make the product.

The review did not sit well with the socialite and she took to her socials to attack Murugi, “You haven’t tried out something then you go and to bash it. If you don’t want to post someone’s product don’t post, it’s not by force and you say red flag when flawless, brighter skin is our slogan you are giving hater! We knew you are one but we still held some value on your name. Kama ni wewe unafanyanga tukule wacha tukae jaa sister. 

All my products do what we say they do and we give 100 percent money back guaranteed if they don’t. These influencers think they make us wealthy if they did why not go open your business? We only use your image, you don’t give us sales for shit. Just because we chose to send you products don’t mean you should accept it or you are special. Trust me if I give the called influencers a code trust me they won’t even sell $1000 in month. That’s how you don’t influence shit. We just using your image as a prop and to fill our IG.”

Huddah also blasted her about botched liposuction, “The same way you abuse my brand is the same way I will insult you. Sura kama Ndovu, go get a life. No physical surgery can help your stinking mental attitude, look within. Everyone hates you that’s why your failed liposuction body wanted attention and you got it today. No surgery can fix your body issues are in the head not body. You can’t be shaped like a garbage truck and be calling people’s packaging fix yourself because you look like a garbage truck shape kama lorry ya takataka and you have the audacity. Look at yourself in the mirror then compare yourself to the packaging see who looks better.”

In her response, Murigi said she has nothing against Huddah products but just because she sent her products. All reviews don’t have to be positive, “I personally have nothing against Huddah or her products. I think she is a beautiful woman. She’s incredibly smart, incredibly successful and what she was able to do with the online space like the fact that she’s been able to build multiple amazing businesses online shows that truly you do not need influencers for you to sell. I have never said that I am here online because I’m the one selling your products. There’s no doubt you are able to sell however, I strongly do not believe that because you send somebody PR it means that they automatically have to give a positive review. I believe that that goes against marketing principles. I will say what I feel about the products.

My honest review of the products is that I haven’t tried them so I can’t say it’s great that you have 100 percent money back guarantee. like I said I was willing to try the products and let people know if I feel like they actually work. However I couldn’t understand why a skincare product would not have an ingredient list because all skincare products that I use have. I honestly felt like I would not ordinarily buy or use a product that does not have an ingredient list.”

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