Bad News After Its Revealed Amount Of Money Unga Will Drop With After Munya’s Levies Relief

For the past few weeks Kenyans across the country have been crying over the increased food prices.

A huge number have urged the current government to atleast reduce Unga prices that have hit a record high since time in memorial.

Currently, a packet of Unga is retailing at 210-230 shillings depending on company and quality.

However, Kenyans thought they would go back to purchasing the highly loved commodity at a lower price.

This was after Agriculture cabinet secretary Peter Munya reduced Levies paid on the importation of Maize and related commodities in the country.

According to Ntv the after the reduced Levie, Unga prices will only drop by two shillings.

This interesting development has sparked serious uproar across the internet with Kenyans blasting the current leadership over the the hiked cost of living.


Zipora… Was there any need of reducing the price ?

So we shall be purchasing at Ksh 208 from the previous Ksh 210


Muthoni… Cs munya is mocking Kenyans

May hot thunder hit his rear end

Dala… Munya is very clueless and incompetent last time it was about fertilizer price reduction which never happened and azimio want to retain him as cs of agriculture.

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