Kilimani OCPD Reveals New Details on Female Politician Arrested Wearing Police Uniform in TV Studio

Incidents where Kenyans have been arrested with police uniforms have been on the rise in the country with the government doing its best to ensure that the culprits are brought to book.

Yesterday, Kenyans were shocked to see live on air, a popular Nairobi Politician being interviewed on Inooro TV while wearing full police uniform.

Police were informed and the raided the studio of Inooro TV where the lady was taken into custody for impersonation of a police officer.

According to reliable reports reaching us this morning, Kilimani OCPD Andrew Muturi Mbogo has revealed that the politician has claimed that she served in the Administration Police Service until 2011 when she resigned.

The senior police officer revealed that the female Politician who is in the race for the Nairobi County Women Rep Seat on an Usawa Kwa Wote party ticket, did not give reasons as to why she resigned from the service.

Investigations have begun to ascertain if indeed she did serve in the National Police Service until her resignation as she says.

She also said that she was not aware that wearing a police uniform was against the law in Kenya.

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