Man with ‘Transparent’ Head Baffles Kenyans on Thika Road in Hilarious Stunt

A prankster has left people fleeing after pulling a stunt on them along Thika Road.

‘Headless’ man runs riot along Thika Road

video shared by the Instagram user @josay_flamer, depicted him seemingly without a head.

Wearing a red coat and black trousers, Josay concealed his head in the heavy jacket.

He then placed a hat atop the coat, which made him look headless. He then posed next to a streetlight seemingly reading a paper as people stared at him.

Josay then ran after the onlookers who fled in terror.

“Headless man in the streets, it is time to run,” he captioned the video.

Reactions to prank

Many Kenyans online found the clip amusing and reacted by say


“You should pull off the stunt of a head without body.”


“Why are you running? Good one.”


“Do you want people to get a heart attack?”


“Okay this one got me.”


“Headless horseman of comedy.”

Triplet pranksters almost stoned

Mary Njenga, one of the triplets who gained fame for allegedly dating the same man, opened up about the success of their pranks.

Mary, whose YouTube channel also features interviews and music, disclosed that she faced numerous challenges when creating the vampire pranks.

“Recently, a young man I was pranking picked up stones and accosted me. When I saw the danger, I notified him that it was a prank.

However, there are those who go without knowing I am pranking them.”

Mary also noted that finding suitable people to prank is also a challenge.

“I don’t prank everyone. I follow my instincts. For instance, I avoid targeting people who might appear sick.”

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