Breaking: Nairobi Half Life film star OTI faints and dies.

Kenyan actor Maina Wilfred Olwenya, best known for his prowess in the Nairobi-based film Half Life, has passed away.

Owenenya, who wore the OTI title in the popular film, is said to have fainted on Monday evening and when he was rushed to hospital doctors announced his death.

Many have mourned the actor and described him as a key figure in the success of the Nairobi Half Life film Movie.

Oti, as he was known to many, was starring in the film as one of the thugs who had a habit of being repeatedly arrested and remanded in custody and then released later.

He, portrayed himself as the leader of a gang in Nairobi that was harassing people by stealing small items such as phones and tearing down parts of their cars and selling them as old products.

Oti was a man with a secret friendship with the state media where every time he robbed people he was buying his freedom from the police and also to turn a blind eye to his hooliganism and his gang.

The film ends where Oti and his gang fail to get along with another friend of his, named Dingo, where they start a bitter feud over a money-sharing dispute over the stolen car sales, with both factions fighting before police intervening the midst of arresting all the hooligans, Dingo dies after being shot dead by an actor by the name of Mwas in the film.

Oti’s group is isolated and sent to a shelter where the police start killing one after the other, Oti tries to unravel the police plot to kill them but their efforts hit a rock when he tried to escape through a window but unfortunately gets a single bullet in the back.

Due to the way he dressed the role as Oti, the artist Olwenya was admired by many and in 2016 he was named the best actor in Kenya and honored.

We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends

Rest in Peace, Olwenya !

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