Politician says he’s willing to pay KSh 100m to marry Mercy Mwangangi

A businessman has asked her for her hand in marriage. Photo: MoH.
Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi. Photo: MoH.

“I want to extend a hand of marriage to Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi. I can pay a KSh 100M dowry for her. Let her pick my phone calls because I have her number and we will talk this out,” he said.

Businessman Dennis Omanwa has shot his love interest at Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi and asked for her hand in marriage.

The bussing politician left social media amazed, with some commending him for his bravery in showing interest in the celebrated doctor.

His message was echoed on Facebook, attracting comments from fans who had mixed reactions.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

Michael Kip Lagat asked:

“Is that a way of approaching a lady nowadays?”

Kelvin Nyambego said:

“I hereby confirm that this is true, look for money and you will be wonderfully made.”

Ken Kenn commented:

“As mercy’s online cousins, we want to know, how many installments are you willing to pay this KSh 100 million and for how long because deposit should not be less than ¾ of the amount.”

Kios Vinny said:

“Rule number one, as per the minutes of our men’s conference last contacted this year, you can’t go public on such delicate matters. You work underground and let success publish itself.”

The CAS recently urged women and girls to speak out when battling abuse in their relationships by sharing her own story.

Mwangangi said she was in an abusive relationship just after finishing her studies in Australia and hoped she would start a family with her then-boyfriend.

According to the medical practitioner, they had a slight disagreement, and the enraged boyfriend started beating the walls in their house.

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