Some of the Top Killer Cops in Kenya Who Took and still take Down Criminals Ruthlessly.

1.Hessy Wa Dandora

He is the most famous criminal fighting cop in the country’s capital Nairobi. The undercover officer has his face unknown and operates together with several other vigilante cops. He and his team have a Facebook page where they warn the alleged armed robbers in Nairobi and it’s environs. Hessy and his team are known for posting the bodies of the criminals they kill after failing to heed to their advice.

2.Ahmed Rashid

He became famous in 2014, after his video shooting two unarmed alleged robbers went viral prompting the international media BBC to come and air his story. Rashid operated in Eastleigh and its neighbourhoods at a time when crooked gangs flooded the area. He eliminated numerous of them and led to the extinction of deadly gangs as Super Power.

3.Samson Ogero.

The name Biggier aka Mkisii was feared by any criminal in Dandora,Kibera and Kawangware some years ago.The bearer of the name was a crime buster who concealed himself in many ways just to get at criminals.He would warn the mother of the spotted criminal and even give them fare back home with the condition that he should not see their face in that area ever again.One who didn’t heed to his warnings would end up dead in a matter of days.

4.Daniel Seronei

He is credited for the elimination of three most feared and ruthless criminals in the country’s capital ie Wanugu,Wacucu and Rasta.The brave and now retired officer gained guts to confront the thugs who had made even the police terrified. After heroically eliminating them,he went on to fight crime until he was once attacked by his colleagues due to his non corrupt ways. In 2001,he was unceremoniously released from the force and lives a low life in his rural home.

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