Find Out The Only Police Officers Who Can Arrest KDF Soldiers

The Kenya Defence Forces are one of the top security personnel in the country and also in Africa. Despite having high levels of discipline, there are times when they make mistakes and have to be punished. That is why we have Martial courts set aside specifically for the army personnel who are tasked with the work of arresting them and taking them in for questioning.

However, when such a person makes a crime you don’t expect a regular police officer to handcuff him/her and take them to the police station. There is a special police unit that has been assigned the responsibility of dealing with indiscipline behaviors among the KDF soldiers.

The special police unit are commonly known by the name “the red berets.” Their official name is the Military Police and the name berets originates from the red berets they put on their heads which makes them unique.

The Military Police are responsible for investigation and apprehending officers who have broken the law. They are feared even by the KDF solders.

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