DP Ruto: I Advised Uhuru To Make China Contracts Public But…

Deputy President William Ruto has pointed an accusing finger at President Uhuru Kenyatta for the State’s failure to publish government contracts with China.

Speaking at the Presidential Debate held at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) on Tuesday, DP Ruto absolved himself of blame intimating that his position is more of a support role to the Head-of-State, as such it does not guarantee that President Kenyatta will factor in any of his recommendations in terms of Kenya’s state of affairs.

According to DP Ruto, his responsibilities entail serving the people of Kenya, discharging any responsibilities given to him by the law and advising the president whenever he is required to do so.

“As DP there is so much that you can do. I have discharged those responsibilities to the best of my ability and I have made my position clear in regards to the contracts to the right offices. It is not a matter I would have wanted to take to the public for purposes of making sure that the government is functional,” he said.

“I have given advice on my boss on many issues including that particular issue. I have enumerated very well that it is the constitutional position that every contract is made public. I have given that advice to the president as is required of me but you know the buck stops with the boss”DP Ruto went on to say that he believes that any contracts that Kenya enters into with foreign nations should be made public.

During an interview with Reuters last week, DP Ruto stated that he will make the details of government contracts with China public and deport Chinese nationals who are working in the country illegally should he occupy State House after the polls.

“I will not tell you discussions held in the cabinet but it was available for me to take a position. I have taken many positions and at times they were not very popular and I have taken firm positions in the cabinet and the public and Kenyans know that I believe in whatever position I take. Every contract signed by the government of Kenya is a public document and should be available to the public,” he said

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