New Look! Vera Sidika emerges after a successful Butt Surgery.

socialite Vera Sidika says that she has undergone surgery to reduce her hips and even published a photo online that showed her changes.

Vera disclosed that she had to undergo the surgery because the surgery to change her body has caused her problems later, including health problems.

The mother of one child added and that the journey to change her body to what it was now has not been an easy step, she advised ladies who would like to undergo physical surgery to accept their body and remain as they are because it will cause them problems in the future.

“Ladies, please, know how to love yourself and don’t let peer pressure make you rush to do things that will ruin your life in the future,” she said.

She also said it was a miracle and she was lucky to be alive after her old body brought her health problems, through her social media pages she wrote that things were not easy before she went to surgery and thanked God for giving her the gift of life and good health.

The brave woman added that she has accepted herself as she is and has learned to get used to the state of her new body and no matter what happens, she will continue to love herself as she is now, this comes after her birthday passed recently and the socialite celebrated her rebirth.

“I am lucky to be alive. I did not celebrate my birthday this year, but we are here now. Happy birthday to me. I have come to be grateful to be alive and not to take things for granted,” said the mother.

She told her fans that she is still the same Vera, who is beautiful and has not changed in any way, and thanked her fans for supporting her and showing her love and encouraged them to help her on this new journey.

“I thank my family, especially my husband, for being with me during this difficult time, and even you, my fans,” she said.

Vera concluded that she will publish videos of her surgery process online in order to pressure those who would like to have surgery to change their body not to try it..

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