“Wear Decent clothes” MP Peter Salasya Turns Down Manzi Wa Kibera marriage proposal.

After a long silence, finally socialite Manzi wa Kibera has appeared again and this time sending her request to Mumias East MP Peter Salasya to make her his wife.

Manzi wa Kibera was seen in the middle of Nairobi city holding a banner with a message to MP. Peter Salasya wanting to be the wife of the young gentleman.

Salasya who is for the first time elected as a member of parliament has attracted several requests from ladies who want to get a chance to marry him, especially after he publicly announced that he is looking for a wife.

“Mr. Peter Salasya, marry me please,” the message on the poster read while being attached to her phone number.

It should be noted that earlier this week a young lady named Lydia Richard was seen with a similar poster wanting to be the wife of MP Salasya, a move that made Salasya give her an official invitation to the parliament buildings where they had lunch together.

Salasya also after seeing the poster of Manzi wa Kibera, responded by saying that he will also pay attention to her and asked her to wear decent clothes first.

“The next time you carry a banner, try to wear a cloth of respect, at least I am proud of you and Kenyans in general. the people I serve are very careful about the presentation of the picture of the person I will marry.

Manzi Kibera I wish you all the best. One day I will come and we work together in church,” he said on Twitter.

Salasya also noted that the two ladies who have given him a hook are all good enough for him and joked that he will open a church with them and Lydia will be in charge of the worship song unit while Manzi wa Kibera will be the host.

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