Dry Bones and clothes believed to belong to Indian IT professionals and their driver found.

This week has been particularly hot after President William Ruto ordered the disbanding of the Special Investigation Unit (SSU) which was linked to the killings and the disappearance of two Indian citizens who disappeared earlier this year in controversial ways.

After the disbandment of the force, its officers were ordered to report to the DCI offices and the process of starting their interrogation was rooted in what is believed to be wanting to know what happened to the two Indian citizens and their Kenyan driver.

Who since their disappearance to today they have never been known where they are or even their bodies have been found if they were really killed.

A fierce search was initiated where the local media now reports that dry bones, belts and clothes, all believed to belong to the three have been found in the Aberdare forest in Nyeri county and transported to Nairobi in the main government laboratory formore tests to assess to confirm their identity.

The search was initiated three days ago when more than 100 police officers were sent to the Aberdare forest to search for Mohamed Zaid Sami Kidwai, Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and their driver, Nicodemus Mwania Mwange who disappeared in mysterious ways on July 25.

The officers took the evidence safely before a DNA sample was scheduled to determine if it belonged to the three. The SSU officers involved in the disappearance and death of the three are expected to appear before the detectives of the Internal Affairs Division who are working on the case.

Ten officers had appeared before the unit for questioning on Monday and Tuesday but more colleagues were added to the list of officers being investigated. They were ordered to appear for detailed questioning at the end of the week, while they were required to show passports and not have any weapons.

October 20th, during Mashujaa celebrations, President Ruto referred to the SSU issue, saying no police officer should be involved in the death or enforced disappearance of suspects.

He challenged the police to ensure the safety of citizens and do their job without killing people.

Those Indian citizens are believed to have been invited to the country to help the united Democratic Alliance (UDA) political party in preparation for the elections but they disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

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