Update :4 Police arrested in connection with the disappearance of 2 Indian citizens and their driver.

Four police officers were detained on Friday in the investigation of two Indian nationals who disappeared with their driver in Nairobi.

About ten other officers from the disbanded Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Special Services Unit (SSU) have reportedly agreed to testify in what is slowly emerging as a major investigation into the alleged extra-murder.

Officials said the four were detained in different police stations in the city after questioning about 21 officers of the unit.

They had been called to the offices of the Internal Affairs Division where their colleagues are investigating the saga involving Mohamed Zaid Sami Kidwai, Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and their driver Nicodemus Mwania Mwange who were kidnapped.

Near Ole Sereni, zand driving an unmarked vehicle on July 24, 2022.The two citizens are said to have been part of the team that came to Kenya to join the IT team for Ruto to run the election campaigns in the concluded polls.

The four officers are now joined by two other citizens who are in custody in connection with the issue.

Currently, the police are investigating the crime of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit a crime.

But if they find evidence they are likely to favor murder charges against the officers and their co-accused.

The officers may appear in court on Monday where detectives will send different requests to detain them further while the investigation continues.

The team will wait for the forensic report from the many bones, belts and clothes collected from the vast Aberdare Forest.

More than 100 police officers were sent to the forest of Aberdare to search for the three and after two days they returned with tens of bones which they believed to be human, belts and clothes.

The move to send the officers to the forest came following reports that the victims may be there.

The officers spent Friday night in police cells awaiting further investigation after initial findings pointed the finger of blame at them, officials, familiar with the incident said.

Who were called include two chief inspectors, an inspector, three sergeants, nine corporals and five soldiers.

The team was disbanded last week and the officers were sent on leave pending further action.

They are among others being investigated due to the absence of those three people.

Officials familiar with the incidents said this was part of a wider investigation into alleged enforced disappearances under the police.

Two vehicles assigned to the broken-down unit have been linked to the trio’s disappearance and are under investigation.

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