The Killing Of A Pakistani Journalist Raises Questions.

Questions have arisen about the controversial killing of journalist Arshad Sharif from Pakistan, allegedly carried out by the police in Kajiado County, on Sunday night.

Sharif, 50, is alleged to have been killed in a chaotic situation by police officers who had set up a roadblock in Magadi Road.

According to the police report, Mr Sharif died on the spot due to injuries he sustained after being shot upon by the GSU police.

The police are from the Magadi Training Institute, which is close to the area where the incident took place.

Police Officers said the deceased was being transported by his brother, Mr Kurram Ahmed, where they were heading to the Kwenia area, Magadi, which is known as the home of the unique Ruppell eagle.

When they were stopped by police, his brother said they told them they were investors living in Nairobi.

But according to police reports, the two disobeyed the order to stop, after entering the Kiserian-Magadi Road from the same road.

They said that’s when they opened fire on their car.

The situation left the car with nine bullet holes in the left side of the driver’s side window, where the deceased was sitting.

Other holes are in different parts of the car. One of it’s wheels was flat.

The deceased’s brother said he saw a bullet wound in Sharif’s head, which he believes was caused by the bullets directed at him by police officers.

The bullet entered from the back of his head and exited in the front.

However, the police who were serving in the area claimed they were put on alert by the Chief of Police in the Starehe area, Nairobi, to be on alert, after a case of child theft was reported at the Starehe Police Station.

“The car that was reported missing had a child inside. The child was later found in the Kiserian area although the car was not found,” explained the police report.

The car reported missing has the registration number: KDJ… Despite the allegations, a policeman who spoke to Taifa Leo Newspaper and who did not want to be named due to the seriousness of the matter, said that the information given by the police about the case “is contrary to the events that took place. “

“There are many hidden things that the police do not want to explain. There is a high possibility that they know the truth even if they don’t want to tell it,” said the policeman.

Following the murder, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, claimed he called President William Ruto, where he assured him about the detailed investigation that will be carried out by the security forces to determine the real source of the murder.

“I have spoken to President William Ruto of Kenya and he assured me that the investigation will be conducted in a transparent manner,” said the leader, in a message posted on Twitter.

The Kenya Editors’ Council (KEG) also issued a statement condemning the killing.

According to security analysts, the incident raises a major test for the new Director General of the Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Amin Mohamed Ibrahim, to stop the arbitrary killings that have been linked to the police Force in Kenya.

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