Amou Haji: World’s dirtiest man Dies after taking his first Bath.

Amou Haji had refused to use soap and water for more than half a century, fearing it would make him sick.

The Iranian citizen, who lived in the southern province of Fars, avoided previous attempts by villagers to clean him up.

But, according to local media, Haji finally gave in to the pressure and took a shower a few months ago.

According to Iran’s IRNA news agency, he fell ill shortly after and died on Sunday.

In an earlier interview, given by the Tehran Times newspaper in 2014, Haji revealed that his favorite food was porcupine, and that he lived between a hole in the ground and a brick hut built by the residents of Dejgah village.

He told the station that his decision was based on emotional obstacles when he was a small child.

Years of not bathing left his skin covered in mud and dirt, IRNA said, while his food consisted of rotting meat with dirty water.

Haji was not known to have a family, but the villagers tried to look after him.

He was also an avid smoker, being photographed at least smoking a cigarette more than once.

Attempts to bathe him, or give him clean water to drink, made him sad, the news agency said.

However, whether he holds the record for the longest time without showering has been a matter of debate.

In 2009, there were reports of an Indian man who – at the time did not wash or brush his teeth for 35 years.

What happened to him since then was not immediately known.

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