Anything for Views? Eric Omondi criticized for recording his girlfriend crying in pain after Miscarriage.

Comedian Eric Omondi has become the talk of town again in the last two days after he recorded a sad video of him and his girlfriend Lynne mourning the loss of their baby in the womb.

On Tuesday evening, the controversial comedian announced to the world about the unfortunate incident that happened to them.

On his Instagram page, Eric posted a video that was recorded on Monday evening showing his girlfriend crying in pain after a Miscarriage.

In the description of the video, Eric explained that their many efforts to save the life of their unborn daughter were fruitless. He expressed his great sadness for not meeting his daughter who they were expecting so much.

“Last night (Monday) was one of the longest nights of my life We fought for more than 5 hours trying to save our little Angel but God had other plans. We never met you but we definitely felt you and we will love you forever ,” he wrote under the video he uploaded.

He also consoled his girlfriend Lynne and congratulated women for the courage they show in such times.

Netizens have come out in large numbers to comfort the lovers and give them strength in the difficult period they are going through.

A large group of kenyans, especially Twitter users, have come forward to express their dismay at the comedian’s act of recording video for views after the Miscarriage.

Some have said that the act is sad and inappropriate.

@droid254: “I feel so sorry for Eric Omondi. losing a child is so sad  but did he have to record it to upload on Instagram?” @droid 254 wrote on Twitter.

@luhya_kidd: “The saddest and saddest thing I have seen today on the internet is Eric Omondi posting a video of himself and his wife crying by the side of the bed after losing their child.”

@Lsankei: I hope Eric Omondi’s girlfriend will leave him. how do you record your partner being ravaged by PREGNANCY and upload it for the world to see??

@Rozay_Kamau: Just out of curiosity: Why was Eric Omondi filming his girlfriend losing pregnancy to get Instagram content?? there are some sad and private things I wouldn’t want to keep going back online to watch again!”

Watch the video below.

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