Lawyer Miguna criticizes DCI for his decision regarding Jeff’s death.

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has broken his silence after DCI officials said that Jeff Mwathi died due to suicide.

Previous reports released by the DCI indicated that Jeff was killed before his body was dumped outside the house.

In addition, the information also showed that it is impossible for anyone of age to pass through the window grills at DJ Faxto’s house.

The latest report released by the DCI revealed that Jeff committed suicide by jumping from Faxto’s home through a window.

This has caused consternation among Kenyans.

Lawyer Miguna has criticized the DCI regarding his decision regarding the death of Jeff Mwathi. According to Miguna, Jeff Mwathi was killed before being thrown out of the house.

“Regarding the investigation into the MURDER of Geoffrey Mwathi, my opinion is that the @DCI_Kenya investigators have shown incompetence and/or moral compromise. Mwathi was killed and thrown out of the building. any other story is hogwash.” The lawyer wrote through his Twitter account.

In a statement issued by the DCI, it said that DJ Faxto was not linked to Jeff’s death because they had no evidence.

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