Azimio Leaders Want Churches To Be Controlled Following The Shakahola Massacre.

Members of Parliament who support Azimio One Kenya Alliance have supported the creation of laws to control religious institutions while calling for reforms to the country’s security department in relation to the genocide in Kilifi County.

By Monday evening, 65 bodies had been exhumed from the graves and the number of confirmed dead reached 73. The main suspect being Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

Addressing the media on Monday in the Parliament buildings, Minority Leader, Opiyo Wandayi, called for the creation of laws to control criminals who destroy the lives of Kenyans through the pretext of religion.

“We agree with the Minister of Internal Security Professor Kindiki Kithure that this is a clear violation of the Constitution regarding freedom of worship.

We support the existence of strong strategies to control religious activities including churches, mosques, temples and synagogues.

It is imperative that we focus a new on faith and religion and those who can kill in the name of faith,” said MP Wandayi.

“It is imperative that we find ways to stop criminals against destroying humanity through religion.

However, this should not be a reason for the government or state agencies to start imposing unnecessary restrictions against religious activities.” He added.

While pointing the finger of blame at the security agencies in the country, the lawyers now want an investigation involving the public to be started in relation to the killing of the people.

In addition, they strongly accuse the government of Kenya Kwanza for failing to take any action while innocent citizens continue to suffer.

“It is imperative that we know who did or what should have been done.

it is imperative that we examine the justice system in the country and how it interacts with the followers of this sect with extreme religious ideologies.

It is imperative that we criticize central government officials and how their inaction may have contributed to this pain and shame.

We believe God revealed this to expose our hypocrisy as a nation.

This negligence of the security department, the intelligence institution and the community must be severely punished so that it never happens again,” said Kilifi County Senator, Steward Madzayo.

Member of Parliament for Malindi (ODM) Amina Mnyazi accused the government of busying itself with protesting the opposition instead of fulfilling its responsibility to protect the lives of Kenyans.

She said despite her predecessor, Mrs. Aisha Jumwa, raising questions about Pastor Mackenzie’s training in 2019, no action was taken.

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