Shock as Mother Claims Her Son Died Then Turned To Stone.

Difficulty of life has been cited as the reason for Amina Rashid (25), a resident of Mwabuki Village in Bariadi District, Simiyu Region, to claim her baby has died and turned into stone.

Amina came to that decision after the man who got her pregnant wanted her to give birth to a son, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to take care of her because what he needed was a son and not a daughter.

Due to the need of the man, known as Hamisi, born in the Mara Region and a resident of the city of Dar es Salaam, Amina assured the man of giving birth to a son.

March 17, this year at Mwabuki Village Clinic, the mother was blessed to give birth to a girl child, thus dimming her dreams of getting care from her co-parent as she was promised.

After giving birth to a baby child, the mother informed the co-parent that she had given birth to twins, one female and one male, who died and turned to stone, a situation that caused a great panic.

Due to this situation, the head of Musoma Urban District (DC), Dr. Halfan Haule, formed a team to follow up on the matter and at the end of the week released a statement to the public saying, the young Hamisi agreed to provide the use where he asked her parents to take the children to their home so that they could to see them.

“On April 19, Amina started a journey to Musoma where she arrived at 9:00 at night and after being received, she claimed that one of her son had died on the way to Musoma,” Halfan said.

He said that after the mother gave the price, the child’s body was brought inside and taken directly to grandmother who was sick, where due to the absence of electricity, the lady asked to be given a phone with a flashlight so that she could see the corpse of her grandson.

After lighting the lady, she was shocked to see a stone in a state that caused panic and due to that situation, Amina asked for burial of the stone to take place that night, which the family did not agree with.

“The next day there was a big commotion, people came to Mungaranjabo street in Buhare to witness the strange event and we, after getting information, arrived there for further action,” he added.

DC Haule also confirmed that they decided to do investigation to avoid strange things that could happen, including the incident in 2010 in Mungaranjabo area, where 17 members of the same family died by being cut with swords of superstitious beliefs.

He said he had to form a team of four people led by the chief physician of Musoma Municipality to investigate the incident.

The investigation revealed that the allegations were not true unless the child’s mother did it so that she could get money for spending from the co-parent.

“Before even going to Bariadi, we already started to identify false indicators, because we asked for the clinic card of the other child, we could not be given it, so we had to quickly form a team of a few people to follow and to find out the truth,” he said.

He noted that after arriving in the village, they found out that the mother gave birth to a female child, information that was also confirmed by the management of the clinic through various documents, including the register of women who gave birth at the clinic on March 17, last year.

“When this mother was leaving Mwabuki, she told them she was going to Mwanza in Misibani and after being brought to town by boda boda to board the bus, before boarding the bus she was seen picking up a stone and putting it in a bag.

“We have found out that this mother, who we are currently keeping for her safety, decided to lie giving birth to a son due to the difficulty of life, as she already has three children, each of whom has a father, but apparently they do not provide care,” he explained.

Halfan also said that he instructed the director of Musoma municipality to carry out procedures to return the mother to their home in Chato in Geita region to her parents to avoid possible harm.

Speaking about the information, Hamisi’s mother, Christina Majinge, said she was shocked after being told that her grandson had turned into a stone.

“This lady arrived here at 9:00 o’clock at night and it was the first time I saw her and told us that the child had died and turned to stone. In fact, I had a shock and could not sleep that day because since I was born I have never witnessed such an event,” said the mother who is ill for more three years now.

She said that although until yesterday the mother and her baby were not at home, but they as a family have forgiven her and that they are accepting the baby girl that was born.

On his part, the Mayor of Musoma Municipality, William Gumbo noted that the time has come for men to realize that they are the ones who have the power to father a woman a male child and not a woman.

“‘ The mother reached the stage of lying that she has given birth to a male child when she does not have that ability, we are taught in Science that a man has female and male sperm and a woman has female sperm, therefore the finding of a male child depends on the father and not the mother.” he added.

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