Mike Sonko issues a statement after Maribe claimed was with him the night Monica Kimani was killed.

Former Nairobi county governor Mike Sonko has spoken following Jackie Maribe’s recent testimony in court about the murder of Monica Kimani in 2018.

Maribe, a former Citizen TV journalist, claimed that she was with Sonko at the time of the murder.

In a statement shared on his social media accounts on Friday, Sonko said that he would tell the truth if called to court, but insisted that he is not the type of friend who denies his friends in times of trouble.

He confirmed that he was with Maribe in Citizen TV when he was interviewed on the JKL show on September 19, 2018, accompanied by several other friends.

Sonko went on to explain that after the show, he took his friends to Club Forty Forty for drinks and food before leaving for home around 4:00 in the morning.

He also explained that he managed to download CCTV footage of the club since the day Maribe was arrested.

Regarding the murder of Monica Kimani, Sonko said he did not know Jowie Irungu who was linked to the crime and did not support his action.

He added that he believes the law should take its course in the matter.

” I was actually with Jackie Maribe at Citizen TV when I was being interviewed on the JKL show on September 19, 2018, starting at 3;45 In the afternoon

I accompanied Chela Ruto, Hon. Juju, Hon. Nancy, Hon. Anita and ken okoth and may his soul rest in peace) and other male friends by that time Odhis, Show, Swaleh, Pinye, among others.

In this matter, if called by the court, I will tell the truth and nothing but the truth. And in short, I am not the kind of friend who denies his friends in times of trouble.” Sonko wrote.

Sonko’s statement comes after Maribe’s testimony raised questions about his possible involvement in the case.

It remains to be seen how the trial will proceed and if Sonko will be called to testify further.

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