Nandi residents slam high cost of living, regret voting for Ruto: ‘Ilikua ikue ivo?’

Kenyans are concerned about the rising cost of living, forcing many businessmen to step up their pockets to meet basic needs, while Nandi residents struggle to sustain their livelihoods.

Speaking to the Daily Nation, a visibly disgruntled Nandi wondered whether Mr Ruto would keep his promise to meet the needs of the scammers, or that he appeared to do the opposite. I wondered if there was.

“They want to introduce a housing tax and raise the FSSB too.So where will you find shelter? Where is the advantage he was talking about? We were in so much pain and thought we were at the top of the table, what was it supposed to be? ”

“We are struggling to pay membership fees and buy food. We want the high cost of living to come down. We go to bed hungry,” he complains.

Women echoed their sentiments, accusing the government of raising prices for fuel and other commodities. Another man, who said he needed fuel to make a living, called on the government to lower prices so he could support his family.

Similarly, Raila Odinga was recently sworn in as head of state due to his high cost of living.

The former prime minister told Ruto that Kenyans were already struggling with the exorbitant cost of living and that tax increases were making life miserable.

Mr Raila excited the mourners, who applauded as they confirmed his appeal to the president.

“Tell the authorities the truth. Fear not, fear not. At Azimio, we’re not crazy. we can discuss and agree. I have worked with Ruto for a long time. I know him. Sometimes when he makes a fuss, I sit and watch because I know he will calm down,” he said.

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