Student who killed his colleague with a knife arrested in Lamu.

Prisoner holding metal cage in jail, no freedom concept

Police officers have arrested a Form Three student at Faza High School in Lamu who killed his friend by stabbing him.

Lamu Police Commander William Samoei has confirmed today Thursday that student Mohammed Idarus Mohammed, was arrested while hiding in Tchundwa village.

He is being held at the Kizingitini police station, East Lamu waiting to be taken to court any time from now.

Student Mohamed Bakari who was killed by Idarus on Monday was buried in a funeral filled with sorrow and sadness.

The student was killed in the morning when he had visited his friend in Form Three before being attacked by one of the students and stabbing him in the back and killing him on the spot before escaping.

A sense of sadness prevailed on Monday evening during the funeral held at Faza’s visit, mourners describing his colleague as a gentle and diligent student.

Among those who attended the funeral were the principal of Faza High School, Hannington Shoka, the Lamu County Director of Education, Joshua Kaaga, Lamu East education officials and security guards who ensured that there was strict security during the funeral.

The murder of the student sparked hostilities between the village of Faza where the deceased comes from and the neighboring village of Tchundwa where the killer student comes from.

On Monday, shortly after the murder, the residents of the two villages faced each other violently, a situation that caused panic in the respective villages, forcing the police to intervene and quell the violence.

A member of the Board of Education and Administration (B.O.M) in Faza school, Mohamed Ali, asked the security department to investigate the incident of the shocking murder in detail and ensure that the criminal has been taken strict legal measures so that the family of his colleague can get justice.

“There is already a panic due to the fact that the suspect has escaped and is hiding.

It is good for Faza and Tchundwa communities to cooperate properly. Let the murderous student be extradited and handed over to the police so that legal action can take its course. continuing to hide the criminal brings more hostility and unnecessary differences,” said Ali before the suspect’s arrest.

Fatma Aboud condemned the act of a student defending himself with a knife and killing his colleague, stating that the incident shows how the state of discipline among students in Lamu East has deteriorated.

” I am informed that the student who killed his colleague had not even reported to the school since the second semester started. That is, he arrived at the school on Monday to commit murder and then disappeared.

That is a great lack of discipline and this incident must be dealt with properly so that it becomes a lesson for others.”

The killing of the student by knife comes at a time when there is a ban of not carrying or defending yourself with any weapon, including knives, swords in clubs and public places throughout Lamu.

The law was announced by the security department of Lamu county since 2015 after the cases of killings through knives and machetes escalated throughout Lamu.

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