Shakila pays fine of 62k sh and banned in Turkey for overstaying.

Socialite Shakila Tiffany known as Shakila has been banned for two months from going to Turkey.

Shakila informed her fans that she was required to pay 450 dollars which is equivalent to 62,000 Kenyan shillings.

“And that’s how I lost 450 dollars and the ban of not coming to Turkey for two months because of staying here for two more months.” The Instagram story read.

She was given the ban after extending her stay in Turkey for two months.

Shakila who has been in Turkey for a while now where she had gone to visit her boyfriend was returning to Kenya after staying there for more than four months.

In addition, She did not reveal the name or face of her boyfriend who was staying with her in Turkey.

She had previously said that she can never get involved in a relationship with a man from Kenya.

“I can never date a Kenyan. I am not one, so I have the right not to date a kenyan.”

According to her she prefers Nigerian men, whom she praised for their hospitality.

“Nigerians are the sweetest men you can meet, they give you money and treat you like a queen.”

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