“Your work is done in Kenya, we are coming for you” -Kindiki’s message to fraudulent pastors.

Minister of Interior Prof.kithure Kindiki has issued a strong warning to criminals who use culture and tradition as an excuse to commit their crimes against the law.

Adding that his ministry has seen the resurgence of the outlawed Mungiki sect in the Central region of Kenya. a few months ago.

Speaking on Wednesday when he launched the responsibility report of the Ministry of Interior, Kindiki noted that there has been an increase in cultural extremism especially in the Central and Eastern region of Kenya.

He added that extinguishing religious extremism, such as the Shakola murder, remains a priority for the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“All those religious leaders who are involved in criminal activities and are hiding behind the scriptures, the use of religious teachings will not save you from justice. If we finish with Paul Mackenzie we will have you as the next example.”

The minister also believes that the security officers in Shakahola will discover more graves of many people in the area.

“We will start opening the cemeteries on Monday once the current phase of the autopsy on the last group of bodies is completed by the end of the week,” he said.

Kindiki continued to explain that through the joint efforts of various law enforcement agencies, the government has succeeded in eliminating criminals in the six counties of the North Rift that in March they initially classified as being prone to bandits, disorder and danger.

Those counties are; Turkana, West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet, Baringo, Laikipia and Samburu.

“Some criminals escaped and mingled with the general public and that is why we have had frequent robbery attacks targeting livestock. those events, however, do not take place in grazing areas as was the case in the past,

“Law enforcement officers cannot be anywhere but whenever there have been attacks, we have made great strides in recovering stolen livestock.” he said.

While praising the officers who helped in the disarmament process, Kindiki also said that the government is looking for long-term solutions to stop bandit attacks in North Rift.

“The permanent solution is to provide water stations for animals to avoid unnecessary migration but we will also open up Northern Kenya for the development of infrastructure and social services such as roads and hospitals. This is no longer a development issue; it is security. ,” he said.

” Kenya’s future economic stability depends on us finding large areas of our country that remain safe and therefore can attract local and foreign investment” He added.

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