University students in Uganda congratulate MPs, Museveni for strict laws against homosexuality.

University students in Uganda marched to the country’s Parliament in Kampala to thank the parliamentarians for passing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Daily Monitor reported that hundreds of students from 13 universities across the country also thanked President Yoweri Museveni for signing the bill into law.

Videos shared online showed the students in a peaceful protest while singing patriotic songs to show their gratitude and solidarity with the parliamentarians and the country’s leader.

“Almighty God, we put our future in your hands, the people we united with freedom today,” they sang on the steps of the Parliament’s entrance.

“We don’t want your pro-gay money. We want and love our country more than money,” the students said.

Museveni on Monday signed into law what is known as the toughest anti-homosexuality Bill in the world which spells out the death penalty for homosexual acts.

It followed the passing of the Bill by a majority by the Ugandan Parliament on March 21 where only one of the 389 MPs who attended the debate opposed it’s passing.

Museveni, a staunch opponent of gay rights, praised lawmakers for “rejecting pressure from the imperialists.”

The law proposes the death penalty for extreme homosexuality or forcing children, the disabled, mentally ill and the elderly to practice homosexuality.

Attempted homosexuality will attract 14 years in prison and up to 20 years for promoting homosexuality.

Employers of homosexual children will be punished with 10 years in prison.

Anyone who “knowingly allows their premises to be used for homosexual acts” faces upto 7 years in prison.

Museveni’s move to sign the bill into law sparked outrage from some Ugandans and the international community, while Britain called it “gross discrimination” and one that would “damage Uganda’s international reputation.”

US president Joe Biden, a strong advocate of LGBTQ+ rights, called it “shameful” and “a terrible violation of human rights for all.”

He said Washington is considering imposing “sanctions and restrictions on entering the United States against anyone involved in serious human rights violations.”

“I join people around the world — including many in Uganda — in calling for his immediate repeal,” Biden said.

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