“We will stick together as leaders to strengthen the country economy” – President Ruto.

President William Ruto has assured Kenyans he will cooperate with all leaders for the prosperity of Kenya.

Speaking in Embu, Ruto said Kenyans deserve leaders who put aside political differences and work to deliver services properly.

“I assure you that I will work with all these leaders, to take Kenya forward.

Last month in Isiolo, President William Ruto said that the time has come for the government to approach opposition.

He emphasized that Kenya is one and should have only one government to deliver to its citizens.

“It is time for us to close ranks, and work together for the good of our country,” Ruto said.

“There is no government-only country and another opposition country. the government I lead belongs to all Kenyans,” he added.

However, the main opposition leaders including Azimio leader Raila Odinga missed the national Madaraka Day celebrations this year at the Moi Embu stadium.

Speaking during the Madaraka Day celebrations at Moi Stadium in Embu, Ruto revealed that nearly Sh30 billion has been repaid by borrowers through the hustler fund.

Saying that the fund has given many Kenyans economic freedom, Ruto confirmed the total number of digital transactions now stands at 42.5 million.

He said some 20.2 million Kenyans have borrowed the hustler fund and returned Sh19.7 billion, while 7 million are repeated customers.

“Not a single shilling was stolen through corruption, and the borrowers do not need to know anyone, bribe any official or go through difficult bureaucratic procedures to get Hustler Fund,” he said.

Ruto said the fund is on it’s way to becoming the largest financial institution in terms of the number of borrowers and active loans, transforming the country’s fintech.

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