Nadia Mukami slandered by fake news about her son.

Kenyan musician Nadia Mukami is not happy after a local blog published false news about the death of her youngest son, Haseeb Kai.

In her statement on Sunday morning, the 26-year-old musician dismissed reports that she is in mourning the death of her 14-month-old son.

Nadia expressed her anger
at the report and asked her fans to help her report the blog that spread the rumor to the relevant authorities.

“Please help me report this stupid page!! God punish the owner of this page! Return to sender!! Please help me report this page!!,” Nadia said and attached a screenshot of the false report.

She explained that when she woke up on Sunday morning, she received many messages and phone calls from close friends and family members who were worried after encountering the false report.

“You must be an assistant of the devil to write or think things like this!!,” Nadia said targeting the author of the report.

The blog published fake news claiming that Nadia Mukami was mourning after her son died of Pneumonia.

“Pain of mother as Nadia Mukami loses her 14-month-old son due to Pneumonia – Hiviunde TV,” read the headline of the news.

Speaking in an interview with NTV station on Friday, the musician made it clear her son is doing well and has progressed a lot in his development.

“He’s so cute. He’s a big boy now. He talks a lot and likes to be happy, right now I appreciate the journey of motherhood,” she told Amina Abdi.

Arrow Bwoy, on the other hand, revealed their son keeps them busy at home because he always demands to be taken care of.

The celebrity couple was blessed with their first child together, Haseeb Kai in March last year and they have been raising him with love.

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