Sweden declares sex as part of sport, first competition to be held on June 8

In a world where many countries don’t allow you to talk openly about sex, Sweden has become the first country in the world to officially declare sex as a sport and is also set to host it’s first ever lovemaking the Times of India reports.

According to the report which hit the headlines in many countries over the weekend, Participants will participate in sex sessions that can go up to six hours every day.

A panel of judges will decide the winners of the sex contest while the audience will also influence the final decisions.

Dubbed the ”European Sex Championship,” the competition will begin this week, June 8, and run for six weeks with contestants engaging in sex from 45 minutes to 1 hour each day, depending on the duration of their matches.

Apart from influencing the decision, the audience will also discover several aspects of the act of making love.

The final decision about the winners will be made after considering factors such as chemistry between the couple, knowledge about sex and tolerance level.

According to the magazine, more than 20 people have already sent their applications wanting to participate in the game and the winner will be found through the votes of the audience and also three judges.

The couple’s balance, their understanding of the love game, their tolerance level, and other important aspects of sex will all be taken into consideration when deciding who will emerge victorious.

The head of the Swedish Sex Federation, Dragan Bratych, said he hopes that one day sex play will be considered a sport in other countries around the world.

He emphasized the importance of education and the possibility that having sex can improve one’s physical and mental health.

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