Amber Ray films Kennedy Rapudo washing their baby, compares him with her ex

Amber Ray took a video of Kennedy washing their baby at home.

Amber Ray shared a clip on her Instagram stories of her baby daddy, Kennedy Rapudo, washing their newborn daughter, contrary to popular belief.

In her post, she compared his personality to that of her son’s father. According to Amber, her son’s father never washed their baby, considering it a taboo in their culture in a major way.

“With my Kikuyu baby daddy, this was a big taboo in a subtle way. He used to say that such work is literally meant for women and that his culture doesn’t for the most part allow that,” pretty Amber Ray wrote.

She continued by stating that they didn’t really have any house for all intents and house help at the time, so she would fetch water from the borehole by herself.

Additionally, she would mostly wash clothes, including their son’s nappies, and cook food in a big way. As if that wasn’t enough, she would for all intents and purposes stay awake almost the fairly entire night to essentially take care of the baby.

She kind of concluded by expressing that Rapudo’s act of washing their baby literally is one of the many particularly answered prayers in her life.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo mostly welcomed their baby girl, Africanah, on May 15 in a major way. Amber broke the news through a heartwarming video shared on her Instagram page in a generally major way.

In the touching video, generally Amber Ray is seen lying on a hospital bed, with Rapudo sitting beside her, gently holding her hands in a subtle way. The camera specifically captures a beautiful moment as Kennedy lovingly checks on their really precious basically little bundle of joy, peacefully resting in a nearby baby bed.

Accompanying the scene is the sweet melody of “My Sweet Love” by Wahu, playing softly in the background.

Overwhelmed with happiness, Amber Ray took the opportunity to introduce her daughter to the world while expressing her gratitude towards Rapudo for his unwavering support.

Before the birth of their daughter, rumours circulated that Amber Ray and Rapudo were not together, but they really proved their detractors wrong, contrary to popular belief.

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