Vivian admits music career crumbled when Sam West walked out of marriage

Singer Vivian revealed in an interview with journalist Lynn Ngugi on June 7 that everything in her life came crashing down when she broke up with ex Sam West.

She said she was not prepared for the consequences, especially the loss of a partner she worked with. She also explained that she spends most of her time with Sam because of their work situation.

Sam was also the Marketing Director.

“Ideally, a good marriage should be synergistic. You need to build a good foundation and create synergy. How to approach it from a business perspective as a musician,” said Vivian.

Vivian also revealed that the contract was not in good shape at the time, but luckily she was able to get out of the contract in 2023 earlier this year, She then revealed that she is now a single mother again, but wants the divorce to be amicable.

Vivian Sam has openly stated that divorce proceedings are quite hostile when it comes to leaving the marriage, despite having done so early in their marriage.

“Even when he left, we initially tried to patch things up and even had a few dates. I think you can grow through a relationship,” Vivian added.Vivian went on to say that she was upset when Sam left because she thought they had a strong connection, but after they broke up, she saw that he stopped acting.

Eventually, she realized that Sam was suffering too, which gave her an understanding of how men and women feel pain. Vivian disclosed she chose to let go of her feelings for Sam because she didn’t want them to consume her.

She also denied rumors that she left Sam because she couldn’t have a child. She explained their original plan was to reunite the two children first, as they are both married with children from previous relationships.

However, things did not go as expected.

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