What happened to Timmy Tdat, The Rise & Fall ?

Timothy Owuor or famously known as Timmy tdat is a renowned Kenyan singer, songwriter.

Hailing from a family of eight siblings, he grew up in a devout Catholic household and even served as an altar boy. His late father had aspirations for Timmy to become a priest. However, tragedy struck when his father passed away during his seventh-grade year, followed by the loss of his elder brother in a subsequent altercation.

Timmy’s breakthrough in the music industry came in 2014 with the release of the song “Welle Welle,” featuring Naiboi. Since then, he has established himself as a household name in the Kenyan music scene.

Following his father’s demise, Timmy faced challenging circumstances and resided with his sister in Kasabuni, he witnessed many of his male peers resort to a life of crime, while girls became pregnant during their school years. Timmy’s passion for football helped him stay on the right path during these difficult times.

Timmy displayed a strong work ethic throughout his early life, which was far from easy. He took on various jobs to make ends meet, including:

Working as a young garbage collector, earning 10 shillings for each household’s garbage collection.
Engaging in the trade of second-hand clothing (Mitumba), specializing in women’s attire.
Working as a tout in the Baba Dogo area before his musical career took off.
At one point, due to financial constraints, he sold a fridge gifted to him by his sister to finance a music video.

Regarding Timmy’s marital status, he has not publicly announced being married. However, this does not necessarily imply that he is single. He was previously in a relationship with fellow artist Kush Tracey, although they broke up.

Timmy clarified that the rumors of an affair with Tanzanian singer Rosa Ree were baseless. He prefers to keep his current relationship private and away from the public eye. It should be noted that allegations of his involvement in pornography surfaced on social media, but no concrete evidence had been presented to support these claims

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