Woman married to patchwork doll dumps him for cheating before chopping off his penis.

A woman who hit the headlines in Brazil after ‘marrying’ a patchwork doll that her mother made for her claims that her boyfriend has cheated on her once again.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, from Brazil, became well-known in the last few years for sharing inside and outside her and the relationship between the Inanimate object.

Following allegations of sexual betrayal, the 37-year-old lady says the love doll is currently sleeping on the sofa and even robbed him of his ‘manhood’.

She said: ‘I found out when my friend texted me one evening saying he was cheating on me. so that night, I had a very bad mood and made him sleep on the couch.’

And as his punishment, Meirivone, decided to separate Marcelo’s penis.

She added: “It’s a white ball, which is 16cm long. So I decided to remove it. I’ve done it before.

” I’m afraid other women will touch Marcelo’s penis so I like to keep it in the [underwear] drawer when we go out in clubs or shows.

‘Then, there is no chance for other women to desire him.’

Marcelo allegedly betrayed Meirivone in the past.

She said: ‘Last time, I found a bright pink thread on the floor.

“I found out that Marcelo was with another woman but when I asked him who she was, he didn’t answer me.

‘Marcelo is naughty, he goes after women and lies to me nothing is happening.’

She also claims the doll has more than 500 contacts on his WhatsApp, all of them are women.

She added: ‘I always catch him in conversation with a lady, and when I ask who it is, he tries to say it’s his cousin.’

For now, Marcelo continues to sleep on the sofa, and has not yet received his penis, a local newspaper reported.

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